Arcanacon XXXIV Cancelled

It is with regret we announce the cancellation of Arcanacon in 2017. A number of factors have led to this decision, but an event to the standard that Arcanacon has reached in the past is not possible at this time.

Arcanacon has been running continuously since 1983 but these factors mean unless Arcanacon is transformed to be more relevant to today’s gamers Arcanacon will be on hiatus indefinitely.

We encourage anyone who has submitted games for Arcanacon or was considering doing so to offer them to our Easter counterpart, Conquest, instead.

We believe in our community, and invite any of you out there who also care about our hobby to please get in contact with us. We will consider proposals from groups who wish to run events of benefit to Melbourne's gaming community, that could see Arcanacon’s assets put to proper use.

In the meantime, Arcanacon’s assets will remain under the control of the current committee, operating in a caretaker capacity until a proposal from another group is accepted, or Arcanacon's parent organisation, Random Inc, chooses to take control of those assets. It is our hope that within a short time a new event, or even a renewed Arcanacon will be able to begin.