Open For Submissions

Arcanacon is now ready to accept writer's submissions for the convention in 2016.

(Notices below apply to Arcanacon XXXIII in 2015, but will remain on the page for now for reference purposes.)

The Arcanacard Is Back!

Arcanacon is proud to announce the return of the Arcanacard for 2015. Those who pre-register will be given a personalised card at the convention that entitles them to the following discounts when purchasing items from participating stores around Melbourne.

Full details …

An Important Announcement Concerning Attendance Fees

Arcanacon will be taking payments for pre-registrations in advance via funds transfer for Arc XXXIII. Note that you may find yourself paying extra if you choose to wait until the convention to pay in cash. Please see the fees page for the details of how to pay (and how much).

Arcanacon Is Open For Registration

Arcanacon is now officially accepting registrations from players. The timetable is up.

If you have registered on this site previously for any reason (including pre-registration to attend the convention in 2014), you don't need to register again. Just log in and book yourself into any events you wish to play.

If you have not registered previously, just create an account, sign in and then book yourself into events.

Note that we are still sorting out details of some events. Please keep an eye on the website for news as the convention approaches.

Arcanacon Welcomes KayJay’s

KayJay’s Games & Hobbies Cafe has generously offered to sponsor a number of events at Arcanacon in 2015, including the Arcanacon Steamroller and X-Wing Miniatures Games, and will be in attendance at the convention as a trader and running demonstration games.