Arcanacon does not exist in a vacuum. We receive support from sponsors and from clubs and conventions around Melbourne. Without the generous help from these other organisations and individuals, Arcanacon would not run as smoothly nor as well.

We would like to thank the following groups of people.


Generous providers of commercial support to the convention or to particular events, our sponsors may provide prizes or other resources.


Traders come to the convention to sell their wares, often at a discount to attendees.


While perhaps not providing tangible contributions to the convention, our supporters give the convention invaluable advice and assistance both before and during the convention.


Throughout the year, Arcanacon receives the support, however informal, of the other roleplaying conventions around Melbourne.

Writers, GMs and Helpers

We would also like to thank everyone that throws their shoulder in behind to help push the con along by volunteering their time at the desk, in the canteen, writing or running events. If you want to be a helper or write or organise an event for the Con, your support too will be very welcome.