Live Action Roleplaying

LARP (Live Action Roleplaying) events are roleplaying events that involve physically acting as your character in some way. This may include simulated combat using fake weapons, or just acting as your character in purely social situations, or something in between. Some groups use the term "LARP" to refer to a narrower set of roleplaying events, but we have chosen to apply a very broad definition for the purpose of classification of events at Arcanacon XXXIII.

Freeforms are a particular style of LARP that will be familiar to many who have attended Arcanacon in previous years. They centre on in-character interaction between the players, generally in large groups, with relatively little (though often some) direction coming from the GMs during the game. Freeforms remain a feature of Arcanacon, and will appear in the LARP category.

Costumes are a common element of LARP events, but not all LARPs will require it. Check the individual event pages for guidance.

Miniature Games

Miniatures events at Arcanacon include historical and fictional wargame events, this year including Flames of War, Warmachine, Star Wars: X-Wing and Secrets of the Third Reich 1949.

Note that the popular Arcanacon 40K Warhammer tournament will not be held over the Australia Day weekend this year. It will be held the following weekend as a stand-alone event.


Multiforms can be a very diverse category of games, as they combine characteristics of the other forms of roleplaying games. A typical multiform might involve physically acting out your character and the in-character interaction typical of LARPs and the GM-led plots of team roleplaying games.

Team Roleplaying Games

Team roleplaying games are events for small groups of players. You can even get together with your friends and enter these events as a complete team.


Board and card games are hours of fun packed neatly into a box.

Series and Campaign Events

All these series and campaign events will appear in lists of the categories of games given above, but the series and campaign descriptor may appear in an event’s rating box as well as the other categories.

Series events are games that relate to other events that have run at Arcanacon or other conventions in the past, or which will run at Arcanacon or other conventions in the future. Campaign events tie to ongoing games outside of conventions, such as games that run regularly at games days or as club events throughout the year.

Series games may be enhanced by playing all the games in the series, though players should be able to enjoy them as stand-alone games as well. Campaign events will often serve as a means for a new player to get a first taste of what that campaign is like, or for ongoing campaign players to play alongside other regulars who normally play at different times and places but who can meet up to play at the convention.