Dungeons & Distancing II

10th April, 2021

Synopsis: Vault of the Living Flame: Ben Byrne’s next D&D public play event kicking off April 10. Following the dark tale of Blood in Woodhaven, what mysteries has Ben in store for our next group of adventurers? read more

Game Dunk Online

1st July, 2021

Synopsis: A week long game jam in July including discussions with professional game developers, tips’n’tricks to make your own game better and heaps of support from a creative and loving community. Culminating with liveplay demos of the games created. read more

MIGW21 at the Table

1st October, 2021

Synopsis: Melbourne International Games Week features our day long celebration of tabletop gaming. Heaps of TTRPGs and boardgames to play, panels, workshops and other events. read more

Goblins of Zarth

6th November, 2021

Synopsis: November brings an online D&D public play event set in Herbert Peppard's own world of goblin madness. read more


No date is scheduled for this event yet.

Synopsis: Arcanacon presents an exciting collection of tabletop rpgs featuring Australian game designers and other classic games you know and love. A D&D liveplay stage performance read more