10am Saturday & Sunday, 23rd & 24th January

A weekend of activities featuring Australian indie RPGs, two D&D liveplay events, panels and a cosplay competition:

Gameplay: 10 different independent RPGs running across 2 days

Bones of the Mountain Pass liveplay: The prelude to Dungeons & Distancing II, Ben Byrne’s next D&D competition coming in march 21

Goblins of Zarth liveplay: Herbert Peppard will rerun his outlandish Zaranthurul Fun Run from MIGW20 at the Table

Panel: So I Love RPGs, Can I Give Up My Day Job? 

Workshop: Avatar Fun with Virtual Backgrounds & Filters

Cosplay Competition

To participate join our Discord server

Watch the liveplay on twitch

Event Schedule

Saturday 23/01/21 Schedule

10am to 10:30amIntro and welcome
10:30am to 1:30pmGaming Session 1
2pm to 3pmCosplay Competition
3pm to 6pmGaming Session 2
7pm to 10pmD&D Liveplay: Bones of the Mountain Pass (Dungeons & Distancing II)

Sunday 24/01/21 Schedule

10:30am to 1:30pmGaming Session 3
11am to 12pmWorkshop stream: Avatar Fun with Virtual Backgrounds & Filters
2pm to 3pmPanel stream: So I Love RPGs, Can I Give Up My Day Job?
3pm to 6pmGaming Session 4
4pm to 6pmD&D Liveplay: Zaranthurul Fun Run

How to play the games:

Join the Arcanacon Discord server and enter the game channel you wish to play. You can enter channel before the starting time and state your interest in playing. Or you join the channel at the game start time. First come, first served! 

How to watch the streams:

Tune into the Arcanacon twitch channel!

The games on offer:

Below is the list of games on offer at ArcOnLine21 alongside the gaming sessions they have available:

  1. The Game Dunk Showcase – Gaming Sessions: 2, 4 (This is your chance to play 2 of the games developed in our Game Dunk Online 2020 event.) 

2. Preparing for Paris – Gaming Sessions: 1, 4

3. Cage of Sand – Gaming Sessions: 1, 2

4. Secret Prince – Gaming Sessions: 1, 2, 3

5. Time Without Tide – Gaming Sessions: 1, 2, 3, 4

6. Relics – By Demons Driven – Gaming Sessions: 2, 4

7. Fight with Spirit – Gaming Sessions: 1, 3

8. Small Ship; Big Dreams – Gaming Sessions: 1, 3

9. dungeonpunk – Gaming Sessions 1, 4

Our Partners


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The Quest Suppliers

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