Game Dunk Online is back!

Do you like indie tabletop games? Designing them, playing them, and talking about them? Games that explore new mechanics, new ideas, and innovative design elements? Game Dunk Online is now running for its second year! Come join us for all of those things and more!

Game Dunk Online is a jam:  A short game competition where our participants develop a game to meet a prompt in just two days. We’ll kick off with a launch day, and then select five of the submitted games to play on a livestream the week after. Everyone is welcome to throw their hat in the ring, and non-designers are welcome to hang out and chat about games with us, too!

Join us on the 25th of July, 2021 for the unveiling of the prompt and talks from our Honoured Guests. We invite developers, but also reviewers and other industry insiders to talk about game design, indie games in general, and whatever they find awesome and interesting.

(We also run some mini-games between talks, and we’ve got a really special extra activity in the works for this year, so make sure you don’t miss that!)

Then on the 1st of August, Paddy and Lee will run a grand livestream showcase of five selected games, with interviews from the developers and demonstrations of the games being played. Last year we played a game about being two people going different directions in time, a poker game that also resulted in crashing a virtual (and fictional) bar, and a grease-splattered food truck romp through the highways and overpasses of the future. There was also a walrus, and an old man with a muffin.

And of course, you can come for the jam and stay for the table talk – the Discord is going to be packed full of people who love tabletops, developing games, and talking about games! We’d love to see you all there!

So come join the community at

Follow us on Twitter at @gamedunk_online

And look out for more announcements on our Facebook at

We’d love to see you there!

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