Helping Out

Arcanacon is entirely volunteer driven - everyone from the organisers to the game writers to the people who help out randomly are doing it for the love of the hobby. So, as you'd expect, Arcanacon is always looking for more folks to help out around the place.

During the Con

At the con, helpers are needed to set up the site, to help sort out all the entry forms, help gms with questions, book rooms for games running, enter timetable changes into the database, assist with the canteen or bbqs, plus 4000 other tasks that crop up over the weekend.

We don't need people to make a full-time committment - we hope our helpers and assistants get all the gaming they want to. Any amount of assistance is appreciated. If you're able to set aside some time in advance, please send a quick email via including your name and what times, days or sessions you will be available.

Organisers - Through the Year

We really need more organisers. These are folks that are willing to throw their hat into the ring to help make Arcanacon happen. So.. what does it entail?

The short answer is:

  • attending meetings during the year
  • keeping up-to-date with the issues affecting Arcanacon
  • being able to take on some of the pre-con tasks
  • committing to being available for the majority of the convention to take on tasks


The orgs get together to discuss plans for the next year - what games are going to be run, what sort of promotion stuff should happen, what food will be bought and available, who wants to be writer wrangler during the year, what the trophies will be, and the thousand little details that go to making a four day convention work out.

Through most of the year we meet once every 2-3 months and keep in touch via email. The meetings typically last 2-3 hours. As the con approaches meetings become more frequent - there are generally 1 in November then 2 in December and January.

Keeping Up-to-Date

Through the year we discuss a whole range of topics that affect the convention. Everything from insurance and venue rental, to the kinds of lollies sold at the canteen might be important at some stage. Organisers keep up-to-date with these discussions and we all try to contribute where we can. As a consequence, the organisers are confident that we can each respond to unexpected issues. This is true even if it is a responsibility we have not dealt with ourselves.

PreCon tasks

There's a certain amount of preparation that needs to be done before the convention. The venue has to be confirmed, events have to be procured, advertising needs to be designed and distributed, trophies have to be agreed on and assembled, food and drink purchased, and much much more. A lot of these tasks are completed well before the con starts, and so if you want to help out, it's best to have a bit of time you can commit to organising free in your schedule.

During the Con

At the con, orgs are needed to set up the site the day before the con, to help sort out all the entry forms, help gms with questions, answer questions, deal with emergencies, make sure player lists are up to date, distribute trophies, print certificates, run the prizegiving and clean up the site. And of course, there are those 4000 other tasks that crop up over the weekend.

Mostly these things are predictable, and under control, but they do need bodies to make them happen. That means that orgs are needed during the weekend, and have to give up large amounts of time that they might otherwise be playing or running a game. This isn't to say that there's no time to kick back or jump into a session if you're free, but it does mean making running the con your first priority.


If that sounds like your sort of deal, then give the orgs a yell.