Our Culture

We love roleplaying, and want every attendee to have a fun experience at Arcanacon. We want everyone to feel comfortable, safe, and welcome, throughout the convention.

To help make this happen, we’ve written this anti-harassment policy. During Arcanacon this policy will be displayed at registration and a summary is also available in the program.

To report an incident contact an Arcanacon official or game organiser. Please include as much detail as you feel comfortable disclosing so we can address the situation immediately and thoroughly.

If you feel in immediate danger do not hesitate to inform MCEC security or call the police.

Anyone can report an incident. If someone’s behaviour has made you feel uncomfortable, or you witness another person in an uncomfortable situation, please let us know.

Arcanacon’s Code of Conduct

Arcanacon has a zero tolerance policy for harassment of any any kind.

If you are asked to stop harassing behaviour you must do so immediately. Please remember that “no” means no, and “go away” means go away.

Convention participants found to be engaging in harassment may be asked to leave the convention.

What is harassment?

Harassment is any type of unwanted behaviour that is directed at an individual or group of individuals and is offensive in nature.

Harassment includes:
Offensive verbal comments about, or explicit or implicit discrimination on the grounds of gender, sexuality, impairment, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion
Showing sexual images in public spaces
Intimidation, stalking, or following
Photographing, or recording someone without their permission
Sustained disruption of talks or other events
Physical violence
Uninvited physical contact of any kind
Uninvited sexual attention, gestures, or behaviour

How can I help to make Arcanacon safer?

Be aware of this anti-harassment policy, and mindful of choice of language and the boundaries of others
Make an effort to ask for and use preferred names and pronouns
Respect the safety tools used at the table, and their use
Step in if someone is being harassed, or if someone appears uncomfortable, ask them if they’re okay.
Have fun, be safe, and be respectful.

Arcanacon Mandatory Safety Tools

It is our mission at Arcanacon to provide a safe and fun gaming environment, and for everybody to feel relaxed and enjoy their games.

With this in mind, all GMs at Arcanacon are required to use these mandatory safety tools to ensure participants in their games feel comfortable at the table. They can also add any additional safety tools they desire.

Remember, people are more important than any individual game!

The X-Card

The X-card is a player safety tool that allows a player to indicate when they are uncomfortable with something occurring in the game.

It is a physical card with an x on it, that will be placed on every gaming table at Arcanacon.

When a player touches the x-card (or says x-card), game play will immediately stop. Please respect the player’s privacy and safety who touches the X-Card and do not request they explain why they needed to stop game play. Instead, ask what it is about the current game and situation that needs to be altered. Listen and incorporate the player’s response, and continue with the game.

Open Table Policy

All tables at Arcanacon have an “open table” policy. This means if players feel the need to leave a table, even in the middle of the game, for their health and safety, they are able to do so without being subjected to harassment or negativity. Players are not required to explain their reason for leaving the table.